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I was born in Russia and from my early years have been practicing consciousness expansion healing work (which in Russia is called wholeness-making) with people and animals. I was born with a perceptual awareness of my birth process and a memory of where I came from prior to birth. My relationship with the "other side of life" (in terms of materiality) has not been broken by this incarnation, and so I was/am aware of my "spiritual lineage". I can see and read energies that are invisible to those around me and this ability, coupled with an intense curiosity, fueled my search for spiritual answers and an ever-expanding comprehension of how life works.

Since I was born without losing the thread of consciousness, I remembered my "mission"/plan for this lifetime from birth. My conscious connection to the Solar Council and the High Council of Sirius (read about them on the "Spiritual Tours" page) was not interrupted by the incarnation, and I continued to work with them throughout my life. Working with the Solar Council and the High Council of Sirius, I often tune in to the planetary changes, helping people and the planet to pass through them as harmoniously as possible.

My work is divided into three areas:

  • support the awakening of people through individual sessions, seminars and books;

  • help the planet harmoniously install new information (in order to minimize the damage in the material sphere);

  • develop new ways of expanding consciousness, enriching the knowledge of this planet, people and the Solar Council.

I came to the United States from Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and learned English, worked many jobs, and after the completion of academic training I continued the healing/teaching/creative work that I had begun in Russia. I studied various sciences, history, archeology and astronomy in the United States and in Russia, and I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts, and I am an autodidact in anatomy and biology, nuclear physics, archeology, ancient history and mythology, metaphysics and Theosophy.

I now live in Maine and have a company called PRAVDA, INC. (which means "truth" in Russian) and I teach what I know. In my counseling/energy-healing practice I work on all levels of the energy field, anchoring the modifications in the subatomic and cellular levels. From many years of practice I have learned to do energy surgery (just like a surgeon, only on the etheric body, not the physical), which is the reconstruction of patterns that are torn or broken. I am able to read timelines and other lifetimes and assist in releasing or integrating judged experiences and old karma. I teach how to assess problem areas in the energy field and move blocks out of it.

I found that the most efficient way to do my work is through telephone and via the e-mail, which allows me to have clients throughout US and the world. Because everything is made of energy, it is not necessary for a client to be physically next to me. It is a matter of tuning in and building a bridge between myself and you. I usually work in a context of an hour and a half session.

I believe that true Personal Mastery and Inner Peace come from expanding our consciousness to incorporate the Soul, and the work that is required for that expansion is well worth the effort!


Unique, constructive, innovative and ancient, wisdom for your awakening to harmony.

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Counseling sessions: For 20 years now, using my ability to see and read energy, I help people figure out solutions to many life's challenges. It is important to me to see you empowered and strong, and so I teach you how you can grab the tail of your destiny and ride it, how you can become everything you are meant to be. Sure there are blocks in the way and they need to be worked on, and your effort is required for that task, but the result of confidence and connection to your Soul is well worth the process. Click here to read more…

Night Quads: With so much going on in your life, it might be hard to stay sane and balanced. Add the planetary and star influences to that, and your life can quickly turn into a survival struggle. If you are interested to be balanced, to repel the overwhelm and stay anchored in your Self, the Night Quad is for you. It is a downloads of energy which I set up for you to receive at night, meant to align you with the planet and support all the stuff you are already doing to stay healthy, harmonious and happy. Click here to read more…

Personal Growth Workshops: In our workshops the recorded space is encoded with the energy patterns in addition to the words. When you download the recording, you will not only be listening to wealth of information, but experiencing different states of consciousness as well. This is meant to be a help on your journey, a tool you can learn to use in your everyday life. Click here to read more...

Spiritual Tours: As the planetary energies are continuing to change, Solar Council and the High Council of Sirius often guide me to support the planet and our own transformation by physically traveling to the sites around the world where these main changes occur. Earth has chakras just like we do - these are energy vortexes through which life force can come in and out of the planetary body. Many of the ancient sacred sites are located on these vortexes - the intersections of the planetary magnetic grid. I, and my business partner Isabelle Lambert, lead tours to the locations where we can serve planetary beneficial changes the most. It is an incredible experience, it transforms you as a person and it is a form of service to the Universal Spirit and the planet.  To read about current tours, click here…

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