there are 3 ways to coach with me.

all are based on my Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. method

Select the option that best aligns with your desired level of investment and support.

Advanced: Scale It

Intermediate: Grow it

Beginner: Start It

highly customized container

Private coaching with me.

align your biz to your soul design


highly customized

accelerated coaching that gets straight to the point

customize every strategy to your unique needs

Daily Communication & Energetic Support

advanced Strategies for Lead Gen, Scale, Automations

Private Coaching with me is designed for experienced coaches with thriving businesses, eager to scale by harnessing their innate strengths and aligning their entire business, message, and delivery with their unique Soul Design. It offers a hands-on, direct route to achieving ease, simplicity, and long-term sustainability while forging a path toward a 7-figure empire.

Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Mastery

intimate mastermind

align your message & offers to your soul design


group container

Realign your Life & Biz to your Soul Design

Clarify your message & the value of your work

create high-ticket offer that sells itself

implement unique marketing strategy that fits you

Transform from the coach who's burning the candle at both ends, struggling for recognition, and working way too hard, into the coach who consistently earns $10K+ per month, works exclusively with dream clients, effortlessly sells high-ticket offers, and relishes the freedom.  

No more chasing a massive social media following, creating haphazard offers, constant live-launching, setting up complex funnels and recording endless videos that afterwards do not convert at all, paying for ads, or searching for elusive “magic manifestation techniques”.

Learn and implement straightforward marketing strategies that reliably attract ideal clients willing to pay what you deserve. Best of all, we tailor these strategies to your unique Soul Design, ensuring it's your own path, not a one-size-fits-all template.

You will also receive comprehensive mindset and energetic support to transform your beliefs, expand your wealth capacity, and master the skills necessary for a sustainable Soul-led multi-6 figure business.

business soul strategy foundations

self-study program

build your biz on your unique expertise



uncover your Unique soul expertise

find your soul-aligned niche with ease

build your first high-ticket offer

learn to market and sell it on repeat

Self-study strategy program for aspiring coaches that will help you land your first high-ticket clients at $3k-$5k and step into running an online Soul-led coaching business that matches your vision. This is the no-fluff grounded foundational pieces you’ve been missing: claim your superpowers and your niche, craft and price your high-ticket offer, learn how to position your message online, and start attracting your first clients.


You'll also get plenty of mindset and energetic codes to help you fully embody your next level and maintain focus on the steps needed to realize your conscious future: a clear roadmap outlining the essential elements for building a successful 6-figure coaching business.  


Time to evolve from a struggling coach into a sought-after expert, booked with dream clients, and on the path to a reliable income.

Your Time Is NOW

the world needs YOU

It’s time to accelerate your transformation,

land that spaceship into 3D,

and make your Vision into your Reality.


Judy W. Reilly

The Arts Club of Boston at JW Reilly: unique hand-crafted items to luxuriate in

In my 10th year of business my company was not making the money I expected, while I was taking care of everyone else instead of myself and my work. Eugenia’s direct style got me clear on the meaning of my life, activated the confidence to create the Arts’ Club of Bostonone of the top exclusive art brands of New England, and step into the CEO in the most powerful and authentic way. I finally understood who my ideal client is and became high-end without apology.

Cindy Petitt

United Nations & International Monetary Fund consultant,

Co-Chair of the U.S. Conference Board’s Financial Services

I have worked with Eugenia for the past 11 years, and I am a more conscious, intuitive, and grounded person today because of her guidance. I learned to value my time, expertise, and energy. Eugenia's knowledge is vast and her insights are keen. She has given me a new way of viewing the world, life events, relationships, my business and my purpose. I highly recommend Eugenia to anyone who wants to feel more empowered, impactful, and find their place in life and business.

Karl Uselman

Global Sales Leader at SAP, Adjunct Professor at University of Washington, ex-VP at Accenture

Eugenia empowered me become a sovereign leader and hold a powerful influence. When I'm going into a heavy corporate meeting, I hold the "note" of this empowered purposeful frequency and able to positively affect the room. Eugenia helped me to embody positive masculine polarity (the inner King) to rise to the top of my industry, add professorship to my accolades, and multiply my wealth into millions. Her expertise supported my role as a father, teacher, and leader.


expand what you think is possible!

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