You are born to lead

your Soul-led empire is calling your name

  • You’re a unique expert – amazing badass magical unicorn that is here to elevate consciousness, but . . . you don’t know how to communicate the power of what you do in a way that your ideal clients understand.

  • You know you’re undercharging, you’re meant for a much larger game than you’re currently playing, but . . . you don’t know how to sell high-ticket offers or where to find these premium clients.

  • You see yourself growing into multi-6 and even 7 figures in a Soul-led sustainable way, but . . . you’re sick of the out-of-integrity tactics and cookie-cutter strategies.

I know it because I’ve been there.

This is the story of how I created a successful business online

where I don’t have to sacrifice my Soul Mission, my truth, or my abundance.

I'm Business Soul Strategist & Marketing Energetics Coach.

I started working with paying clients at the age of 14, not realizing i was grossly over-giving and under-charging.

I grew my spiritual coaching business to 7-figures after

shifting from a fully-booked but burnout-riddled low-end practice to spacious high-ticket coaching.

And now, with over two decades of experience as a serial successful entrepreneur, I've...

~ traveled to 27 countries teaching my methodology,

~ been featured in over 100 publications,

~ became international best-selling author of 4 books,

~ and helped hundreds of clients activate momentum, catalyze awakening, and fast-track business success, turning timelines of decades into mere months.

I'm here to expand what you think is possible.

To date, I’ve generated over 7-figures of revenue

working with clients around the world.

I’m an international best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I’ve been clairvoyant since birth?

I see energy, timelines, possibilities, people’s Soul Design, contracts, karmic lessons, and non-physical beings. I always felt as a bit of an outsider – humans are hard for me… While being super grounded and able to translate multi-D into 3D (the "human speak").

I'm a bit of a genius, who studied psychology, theosophy, ancient history, healing techniques of many cultures, biology, anatomy, cosmology and quantum physics in addition to business and marketing, fine art, design, weaving, and 7 years of music school and orchestra performing, playing the instrument you've never heard of).

My magic is an ability to seamlessly marry “masculine” business strategy,
messaging, and sales

with the “feminine” non-linear realm of personal transformation,
Quantum Creation, and wealth energetics.

Here is the Truth...

Most people either believe in the hustle and hardship (and thus create it!) – or swing to the extreme opposite of “love and light” and “just intend”. Neither of these will help you create ease, flow or momentum in your life or business.

💥 I firmly stand in BOTH realms:

the Masculine (electric, yang) Strategy and Action that is paired with the Feminine (magnetic, yin) non-linear Quantum creation

💥 Both polarities are required to create Wealth and live your Soul Mission in 3D.

How I got here...

I started working with paying clients at the age of 14, grossly over-giving and under-charging. Despite being very good at what I do, I had:

  • No words to describe it and thus explain the value of my work;

  • No means to advertise is and relied only on the word of mouth;

  • Felt dependent on “giving people what they want or they wont pay”;

  • Working more and more hours per day to generate higher income (my normal was 12 hour days 6 days per week, no lunch break);

  • Being fully booked a year in advance and dreading all of it;

  • Caring deeply about my clients, loving them and over-giving, fearing leaving them behind if I upgrade my prices;

  • Burning out not once, not twice, but 3 times!

I had a successful personal transformation business that generated multiple 6-figures every year and a spiritual travel company where I was teaching events all over the world,


I was dying inside, frustrated and exhausted.  

what did i change to create a Soul-led 7-figure empire

in purposeful integrity,

with lots of dream clients & personal space?

  • I upleveled myself to truly stand in the value I was delivering;

  • I expanded my Vision of what is possible and my wealth capacity grew;

  • I opened up my belief in my clients to only work with the most dedicated to transformation;

  • I realigned the structure of my business to fit the unique needs of my Soul Design...

I grew my spiritual coaching business to 7-figures after shifting

from a fully-booked but burnout-riddled low-end practice

to a spacious high-ticket coaching.  

this is what i want for you too!!!

I specialize in helping online coaches dramatically increase their monthly income, be it by $10k or a $100k, all without the added pressure, sacrificing personal well-being, or the dreaded burnout.

My methodology helps you attract high-ticket clients through clear and compelling messaging, strategic alignment, and the power of energetics, eliminating the need for client chasing.  

Every facet of my teachings rests firmly upon timeless principles rooted in human psychology, the intricate interplay of Soul Design energetics, and battle-tested business wisdom – no last-minute-trendy tactics here. Through mentoring with me and my team, you'll be skillfully guided in growing and scaling a business that is entirely customized to align with your unique Soul Design Strategy and overarching vision.

You're in the right place if...


You're hungry for a multi- 6 or even 7-figure business ...

... doing what you love on YOUR own terms, with integrity and spaciousness. You’re ready to elevate yourself, your offers, your pricing, and your results – and become unapologetically high-ticket.


You're ready to leverage your badass inner Magic ...

... your Vision and Soul Mission, and boldly showcase your power. Your goal is to refine your message so your words magnetically attract premium clients who deeply appreciate the value of your work.


You're eager to master the strategies, mindset, and energetics ...

... necessary for running a thriving Soul-led business. This means taking bold action both in the material world and the multi-dimensional realm of Quantum Creation, embodying the role of the multimillionaire CEO you're evolving into.


Here’s The Method My Clients And I Use To Magnetically Attract Pre-Sold High-Ticket Clients For Offers Of $5k, $10k, $30k

Without Having To Constantly Chase After Leads, Compete, Prove Yourself, Or Convince Anyone!

See what other coaches have to say about

working with Eugenia …

Erin went from ungrounded Vision to personal uplevel & selling $30k programs to corporate execs.

El went from $75 healing sessions to selling $45k in 2 months, all paid-in-full without any objections.

Ex-corporate executive, Kristy turned Herbalist & went to sell $10k offers, making 6+ figures.

Calista went from confused message & over-working with $200 sessions to $22k in 3 months with LESS work.

Successful busy psychotherapist, Lisa turned Vibrational coach & 6+ figures with LESS work.

My expertise is uniquely tailored to empower female Coaches, Personal
Transformation Experts, and Healers

who require translation of their vision into “human speak”

and customized High-Ticket strategy to get paid well for their Soul Work.

no cost webinar training

How to Get To Sustainable $10k Months

& Find High-Ticket Clients

Who Are Ready To Pay you Over $5k Per Offer

BE Your Soul Design To Accelerate

Your Business Success

with Ease, Flow, & Momentum

Why Weaving Masculine Strategy With Feminine Energetics Leads To Easier & Faster Growth

Using your Soul Design to Create Wealth, High-Ticket Clients, & Flow

from the Quantum Field


expand what you think is possible!

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