You Are Born To Lead

This is the soul-led business strategy

to scale your high-ticket empire.


Leverage your Inner Magic

to sustainably scale to millions!

Even If right now your message is unclear, you're Struggling To Sell High-Ticket Offers,

Or Still Selling Low-Ticket Or One-Off Sessions

Discover The Breakthrough Method For Attracting Pre-Sold Premium Clients

and Turning Your Unique Personality & Gifts

Into Your Biggest Source Of Revenue!

Without Having To Constantly Chase After Leads, Compete, Prove Yourself, Or Convince Anyone!

You know You're Special, Right?

  • You've got a powerful Mission, and you have plenty of awesome results with your clients already, but it still feels like you're holding back, playing small, even though you're already making waves. You might seem successful on the surface, but inside, you're dancing on the edge of burnout, despite your attempts to find your groove.  

  • You're in the process of building a substantial online coaching, mentoring, or healing business, and your Vision is to create a high-ticket powerhouse with a crystal-clear message, streamlined systems that free up your genius zone, and a sales approach that's true to you.

  • This business has the potential to rake in millions while giving you the freedom you crave. You're ready to level up and claim your spot as an industry Leader.

  • This isn't just a wild dream; you know it's your destiny. You're done trying to DIY everything and are ready for the shortcut – the business strategies that'll guide you down the most Soul-aligned path to success that is customized to your uniqueness.

I'm Business Soul Strategist & Marketing Energetics Coach.

I started working with paying clients at the age of 14, over-giving and under-charging. I grew my spiritual coaching business to 7-figures after

shifting from a fully-booked but burnout-riddled low-end practice to a spacious high-ticket coaching.

And now, with over two decades of experience as a serial successful entrepreneur, I've...

~ traveled to 27 countries teaching my methodology,

~ been featured in over 100 publications,

~ became an international best-selling author of 4 books,

~ and helped hundreds of clients activate momentum, catalyze awakening, and fast-track business success, turning timelines of decades into mere months.

To date, I’ve generated multiple 7-figures of revenue working with clients around the world. I’m also an international best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host. Oh, and have I mentioned that I’ve been clairvoyant since birth?  

My expertise is uniquely tailored to empower female Coaches, Personal Transformation Experts, and Holistic Professionals as it marries "masculine" linear business principles and strategy with the intuitive and "feminine" non-linear energetics and wealth mindset.  

I specialize in helping online coaches dramatically increase their monthly income, be it by $10k or a whopping $100k, all without the added pressure, sacrificing personal well-being, or succumbing to the dreaded burnout. My method paves the way for attracting high-ticket clients through clear and compelling messaging, strategic alignment, and the power of energetics, eliminating the need for client chasing.  

Every facet of my teachings rests firmly upon timeless principles rooted in human psychology, the intricate interplay of Soul Design energetics, and battle-tested business wisdom – no flighty tactics here. Through mentoring with me and my team, you'll be skillfully guided in crafting a business that is entirely customized to align with your unique Soul Design Strategy and overarching vision.

I'm here to help you expand what you think is possible.

Imagine what your life will be like when your Message

speaks to the hearts of your dream clients?

how much impact can you have on The human collective

when you get paid well for your magic?

Here's How We Can Work Together

boutique high-level mastermind

The Conscious F.U.T.U.R.E. Mastery


A 4-month accelerator for personal transformation coaches and mentors with ambitions of scaling to multi-6 figures. You are ready to fully dive in for that next level marketing and sales strategy, Soul-aligned high-ticket offers, and a awesome wealth mindset to get you there. You are here to clarify your message, show up 100%, and attract these high-ticket clients by your unique Soul Design.

self-paced course

Business Strategy Foundations


Self-study strategy course for aspiring coaches that will help you land your first high-ticket clients at $3k-$5k and step into running an online Soul-led coaching business that matches your vision. This is the no-fluff grounded foundational pieces you’ve been missing: claim your superpowers and your niche, craft and price your high-ticket offer, learn how to position your message online, and start attracting your first clients.

Private 5-hour VIP Day

Soul Design Profit Potential


A private 5-hour deep dive into your unique awesomeness. We'll ignite your business purpose, fast-track the realization of your ultimate vision for wealth and well-being, without second-guessing, karmic constraints, or burnout. By combining the wisdom of Akashic Records, Psychology, I'Ching, Human Design, and Wealth Energetics, we'll unveil your distinct profit potential, so you can sharpen your message for maximum impact.

From undervaluing her expertise to $30k+ high-ticket with ease.

Ex-corporate executive turned Herbalist & went to make multiple 6-figures.

Claimed her uniqueness, upleveled her entire biz to premium & 6-figures.


Soul Strategy for your business

no cost webinar training >>

How Coaches Get To Sustainable $10k Months

& Find High-Ticket Clients

Who Are Ready To Pay Them Over $5k Per Offer


get clear now.


consistent $10k months bundle >>

Unearth why your coaching biz wavers and traditional advice flops, and unlock the Quantum fix with actionable steps for unwavering consistency!


high-ticket clients accelerator >>

The most valuable 5+ hours of practical trainings to leverage your uniqueness and accelerate your way to a sustainable $100K extra per year with pre-sold dream clients - without working more hours or sacrificing your natural rhythm.☑️Fix positioning mistakes that sabotage your bank account.☑️Craft an irresistible premium offer that sells itself.☑️Articulate your work's value, become a high-ticket magnet.☑️Own your pricing & expand your wealth capacity.☑️Activate non-linear Quantum principles to manifest with.☑️Audit your biz to address any holes in your sales strategy.


wealth by soul design book >>

In this international best-seller you'll dive into the game-changing method that turns your personality, gifts, and inner magic into your Soul-aligned cash flow. Learn the hustle-free approach my clients have leveraged to craft multi-6 figure empires, even if they once grappled with high-ticket offers or one-off sessions.

From over-working at $200 sessions to
$22k in just 3months with LESS work.

From busy psychotherapy practice to 6+ figures with LESS work & MORE time.

From many mid-level offers to Soul-aligned offer and $32k in just 3 months.

Epic Group For Soul-led Online Coaches

A free Facebook community were I share high-ticket strategies, sales, and mindset principles necessary for a sustainable multi-6 figure business. Check out past video trainings too!

I went from chasing every trendy marketing tactic and spending too much money on ads, while my launches were falling flat, and sales pages felt ‘too male’ - to creating effective 'feminine' marketing copy and videos that convert. I let go of sabotaging behaviors and aligned my business to my Soul Design. I’m done playing small, no more sabotage. I’m
attracting high-ticket clients for my $10k program with ease because I now know my Soul Niche and how to speak to the premium level people. Eugenia is a Magician! Signing up with Eugenia is the best decision I could have made for my business and my life!

– Star Hayward

Ascending Heart Business coach

OMG, am I glad I listened to my intuition!
Within just 4 months I made over $50k and now on the way to doubling it!
I’m literally a different person today: I know how to handle my emotional swings, and I became VERY effective! Eugenia’s vision-based sales technique has been an absolute Godsent. The best part is the confidence I feel (buckets of old emotional hangups that Eugenia helped me offload). Personal transformation I’ve experienced is beyond words – Eugenia’s methodology works. If you’re like me, wondering if you can “afford to invest” – go for it, you'll get profitable and upgrade your whole life and business.

  • – Lauren Macchio

Integrated Life coach

Celebrating 3 new clients this week! Wow! Working with Eugenia, I took my business seriously and finally stepped into the “high-end mindset”, claiming the true value of the work I’m offering. She helped me realize how much I over-gave before! I now only work with the Soul-match clients. Eugenia’s attention to detail is incredible, she doesn’t miss anything! As soon as I start sliding into the “old ways”, she is right there with a new “rescue remedy”. I still can’t believe that I just made $8,699 in a week! I will be continuing working with Eugenia as I find her methodology and clairvoyant guidance invaluable.

– Rose Russell

Holistic Skincare consultant.


expand what you think is possible!

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